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Rexel Expo – Day 4: facilitating installers daily operations by combining digital technology and customer proximity

For Rexel, facilitating its customers daily operations easier means not only simplifying their work, but also helping to improve their efficiency. In order to provide them with the products they need, the Group uses a multitude of touchpoints – 2,000 branches including 460 in France and 16,000 salespeople, including 8,000 in outside sales. Its multichannel approach, product availability, and flexible order pick-up and delivery methods are all everyday advantages for installers. Finally, its teams’ ability to provide personalized support and advice based on market knowledge and product expertise makes customer proximity a reality.

Rexel considers that making installers lives easier also means enabling them to meet the ever more specific needs of their own customers, to adapt to changes in their markets, and to develop their skills in new high value-added industries. In this respect, Rexel Expo is a must-visit event for those who want to stay informed of the latest trends and innovations as well as interact with a community of professionals.

Finally, making installers daily activity easier also resides in Rexel’s ability to provide solutions to help them manage their work sites and projects. The Esabora software suite, on demonstration at a dedicated booth at Rexel Expo, is a digital solution that provides them with administrative, commercial, and technical assistance and enables them to focus on their core business. The mobile app launched in 2018 further boosts their efficiency and performance, for example by letting them quickly create an installation cost estimate on-site with their customer.

Beyond day-to-day assistance, it provides Rexel’s customers with a differentiating advantage with respect to their own competitors.



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