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Rexel Expo – Day 3: the construction market goes digital with BIM

A new design method known as BIM (Building Information Modeling) is bringing all members of the trade together by helping them to work collaboratively on every step of the building lifecycle. It takes the form of a digital model, a virtual prefiguration of the building itself, containing all the data pertaining to the building and enabling the optimization of its flows. Today, the BIM market is growing by 10 to 15% per year in France with a 50 to 60% rate of adoption by the leaders of the construction sector.

To encourage its customers to improve their expertise in this fast-moving market, Rexel supports them throughout their projects by proposing various tools during each phase of the BIM process: digital design and conception assistance services, work site organization and set-up support, smart connected energy management solutions, etc.

At Rexel Expo, they are invited to discover all of the products and solutions that the Group offers in regard to BIM, from providing libraries to carrying out cost estimates or creating product-specific configurations.



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