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Inaco serving an environmental tunnel in Brisbane

Inaco, a Rexel banner in Australia and a market leader in Australia for the distribution and supply of industrial automation control products and services, has been a partner in the construction of the Clem Jones Tunnel, formerly known as the North South Bypass Tunnel located in Brisbane, Australia, for a total cost of AUS .2 billion

The tunnel, which just opened on March 16, 2010, continues 4.8km underground between the Brisbane suburbs of Woolloongabba and Bowen Hills.

Each day up to 100 000 cars are expected to use the tunnel. Design features include a smoke reduction ceiling that will rapidly draw out any smoke in the case of a fire or explosion.

For the construction of this environmental tunnel, Inaco supplied the equipment for the energy efficient lighting control applications, including sensors and control systems to drive ventilation (removal and replacement of air from the tunnel). This resulted in €700,000 of sales for Inaco.

See the official website

Throughout the world, the Rexel Group participates in many rail and road infrastructure projects (bridges, roads, tunnels). Recent achievements include:
– Renovation of the San Francisco Bay Bridge, California, with Rexel’s US banner Rexel Inc.
– Supply of electrical equipment for the Shanghai metro billboards with Rexel China (see the case study)



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