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Gexpro Services helps its wind customers save an unprecedented amount of money

In a difficult economic environment, many manufacturers in the wind sector are evaluating long-term partnerships in order to position their businesses for short-term profitability and longer-term share growth. 

The ability to properly assess strategic partnerships, and ultimately select preferred suppliers, is critical for long-term competitiveness and profitable growth.

Strategic sourcing teams for turbine, tower, blade and nacelle manufacturers are being challenged to contribute to the global growth of their companies. The need to develop a strong supply chain among their diverse operations is becoming an important market entry consideration in terms of acceleration of market entry, competitive positioning and long-term viability.

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Gexpro Services, a Rexel Group company, is a global supply chain services outsource provider specializing in developing and managing production inventory management programs, that has developed a specific expertise in the wind industry.

Building on its success in the traditional energy market, Gexpro Services has expanded into the wind energy industry in a very influential way.

The company offers a unique array of solutions, capabilities and expertise. Through tailored wind kitting solutions and unique inventory management programs, Gexpro Services helps its customers to:
– Manage their working capital
– Rationalize their supplier base
– Accelerate their growth into new markets

Gexpro Services yearly sales amount to more than 300 million euros, a fourth of which is related to wind.


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