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Europe – Sale of incandescent light bulbs: gradual withdrawal from September 1

eco-efficient bulbsThe gradual withdrawal from sale of traditional 100 W bulbs in Europe began on September 1, a move France has been anticipating for since June 30.

The same will be done for other incandescent bulb models and traditional halogen bulbs, which should no longer be available on the European market from end 2012.

This withdrawal is in favor of low energy bulbs, which consume 4 to 5 times less energy than old models and last between six and ten times longer.

Rexel, leading distributor worldwide of electrical supplies, is committed to installers and end users. For several years it has offered a wide range of low-energy lighting products which result in substantial energy savings and a more environmentally friendly approach.

By anticipating this move and feeding information to professionals over recent months, creating energy diagnostics, and putting forward plans for the replacement of light sources in construction and industry, Rexel is actively helping to distribute eco-efficient lighting products.

See Rexel’s Energy efficient products


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