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Interview with Julien Colas, Environment and Sustainable Development Manager at Rexel

What lies at the heart of Rexel’s environmental commitment?

Rexel has a large amount of responsibility within the industry. Because there is an urgent need to act, we set two very ambitious goals for 2030: To be exemplary in all of our operations, our buildings, and our transport, and especially to help our customers and end-users lower the carbon footprint related to the products that we sell to them. We are the only distributor in the industry to demonstrate this level of commitment.

What is the Group’s greatest challenge?

Achieving this goal is critical, because 92% of our value chain’s GHG emissions come from the products we sell. We therefore have the opportunity, particularly through the selection of these products, to guide our customers towards solutions with low environmental impact. Every day, we work with customers to reduce their emissions and those of their own customers, the end-users. This is a true commitment for Rexel. It reflects our continual high standards for maintaining excellent service levels. This proximity with our customers, the advice and recommendations provided by our teams, is constantly reinforced through the development of innovative solutions that enable them to increase their added value to end-users. The Carbon Tracker tool we designed is a perfect example.

What is the importance of extra-financial indicators for Rexel?

Since our Initial Public Offering (IPO) in 2007, the Group’s efforts to consolidate its sustainable development approach have enabled it to be recognized in many Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) indexes. These ratings bring us solid recognition in the markets and credibility among all of our business partners. They are also benchmarks that push us to progress and maintain the same high standards every day.