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Two Rexel’s subsidiaries offers theirs employees the opportunity to help support community projects through payroll giving

In May 2014, Rexel Développement and Conectis, two French subsidiaries of the Rexel Group, offer their employees the opportunity to support community projects through a salary micro-donation plan. 

Through the partnership with microDON, employees can choose to round their salaries down to the nearest euro and donate their cents via a monthly direct debit. They can also make additional donations up to a maximum of five euros. Rexel Développement and Conectis are supporting the plan by matching 100% of the total donations made by their employees. 

Employees can choose to donate their Euros and cents to one of the following two associations. Both projects are consistent with the mission of the Rexel Foundation for a better energy future: 

ADIE: works to support the professional development of people at the bottom of the pyramid to allow them to set up their own businesses and regain their financial independence. . The money collected through the microDON scheme will finance support for people looking to enter the electrical sector,, providing individual or group training sessions and support from legal and administrative experts.

PlaNet Finance: a micro-finance organization which seeks to help those in poverty access financial services in order to bring about sustained improvements in living standards. Donations will go towards building a network of eco-efficient electrical and domestic equipment distributors for the disadvantaged residents of South African townships.