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The Rexel Foundation offers funding for research into the barriers stopping the widespread increase in the energy efficiency retrofit of buildings

The Rexel Foundation is supporting research projects to improve our understanding of the barriers preventing the widespread retrofit of buildings to make them more energy efficient. Spearheaded by Robert Harmsen from Utrecht University in the Netherlands, this project aims to identify, map, and understand the obstacles stopping the implementation of effective energy efficiency strategies in existing constructions. The project will analyze the impact of political measures in the Netherlands on installers and SME contractors, the project’s core target. The findings will help to inform discussion around the launch of more effective national energy efficiency strategies across the European Union.

The project’s objectives:

Identify the barriers to energy efficiency retrofit
Analyze the impact of public policy in the area of energy efficiency, with an initial focus on the Netherlands
Inform public discussions by providing practical case studies in order to help move European policy forward.