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3 questions for Laurence Galand, VP People Engagement & Group Headquarters Human Resources Director

Team spirit lies at the heart of Rexel’s DNA…

In order to go faster and further, the Group places great value on the power of teamwork. This enables every employee to surpass themselves. Managers have a key role to play in instilling this collective mindset. It requires not only an awareness of individual responsibility and significant employee autonomy, but also a culture of regular feedback. At Rexel, we are convinced that everyone can have a real impact. It’s part of our DNA. The success of this approach depends on trust, in ourselves of course, but especially in each other. To meet the challenges of tomorrow, collaborative momentum will make all the difference; I am sure of it.

In this pandemic period, do Rexel’s core values provide direction for the Group?

The Group’s six values help to create a common language, strong cohesion around a strong identity. They define the way we work, our approach in our jobs. They are completed by our Employee Value Proposition, which is made up of five promises: “think ahead”, “work with a great team”, “make a personal impact”, “learn from the best”, and “earn the career you want”. These five promises drive employee engagement. They embody the collective energy that propels Rexel forward. From them, the Group draws its singularity, which also comes to life in every country where Rexel operates. Diversity in all its forms is also a priority. Beyond its societal importance, diversity is a lever for employee performance, pride, and well-being. We are continuing our efforts to make our commitments tangible. Our processes and our objectives are thus moving toward more diversity and inclusion on a daily basis.

How will Rexel meet tomorrow’s challenges?

We are fortunate to be in one of tomorrow’s key sectors: Energy. Faced with climate change and the acceleration of the energy transition, this is a real advantage. We have another advantage as well: our employees are autonomous and true participants in Rexel’s transformation. The collective bond, the strength of sharing, clear objectives, challenges to be met: This is what drives our organization, what provides the energy it needs to improve its performance. And Rexel has plenty of it.