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Working at Rexel means choosing a world leader that anticipates its customers’ needs and empowers its teams to keep a step ahead in a changing energy world.

Your energy transforms us


“The energy world has entered a new chapter in its history, a digital age that will impact our lives as much as the advent of electricity did at the end of the 19th century. Joining Rexel today means participating in the Energy 3.0 adventure”

Rudy Provoost Chairman and CEO

5 reasons to join us

Join a global leader in the energy world

€13.5 billion sales in 2015

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Join a key player engaged in sustainable growth

  • Offer innovative solutions for energy management

  • Improve our sites’ environmental performance

  • Engage and support our employees

  • Promote responsible practices in the value chain

  • Improve access to energy efficiency for all

A world of energy: yours

“By designing solutions and services dedicated to our customers as well as the employees, we contribute to the Group’s development.”

Luc Siri e-Commerce Manager Europe, Hagemeyer, Germany

“Enjoy entrepreneurship, be curious and keep listening to teams and customers.”

Siu Gauchet Residential Business Development Manager, Rexel, France

Join our teams around the world

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35 countries, 2,100 branches, and professions all along the electrical material distribution value chain: we need your skills at Rexel

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In line with the Rexel 2020 strategic roadmap, learn more about trends and innovations on the Energy 3.0 webmag

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Rexel 2020 Strategic Roadmap

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