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Rexel recognized for the quality of its corporate governance

Rexel is resolutely committed to the best practices in governance and transparency. Its Board of Directors, which embodies an ambitious diversity policy, comprises:

  • 8 independent members (80% of the Directors);
  • 5 women (50% of the Directors); and
  • 5 members of foreign nationality.

The non-executive Chairman of Rexel’s Board of Directors is independent. The Deputy-Chairman is also a Senior Independent Director. Two out of the three specialized Committees – the Compensation Committee and the Nomination Committee – are chaired by women and the Director representing the employees sits on the Compensation Committee.

The Directors’ average attendance rate at Board meetings reached 96% in 2019.

The high-standard approach implemented by Rexel is essential to its relationship with the shareholders, either within the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting framework or at regularly organized dedicated events.

Sébastien Thierry, General Secretary of Rexel, states the following:

“What distinguishes Rexel’s corporate governance policy is the excellence of its practices, in a spirit of continuous improvement, which allows us to be recognized today among the best in the field. The quality of engagement with our external stakeholders, especially with our shareholders is of the utmost importance for Rexel and therefore a key element of the Group’s performance.”

In 2019, Rexel rose to 12th place in the Labrador – Financial Transparency Grand Prix rankingand also gained over 40 places in the 2019 Women in Leadership List (Palmarès 2019 de la féminisation des instances dirigeantes). The Group’s performance in corporate social responsibility is also recognized and allows Rexel to be among the most prestigious SRI (Socially Responsible Investment) indexes. Lastly, at the 2020 AGEFI Grand Prix awards, which promote the best practices in French corporate governance, Rexel, was nominated in the “shareholder democracy, information transparency and communication quality” as well as in the “corporate institutions performance” categories, being part as such of the SBF 80 top 3.

These results demonstrate Rexel’s commitment to implementing, on a daily basis, practices that go beyond regulatory standards, at all levels of the organization and across the value chain, which is a factor of stability notably in crisis times.

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