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The Rexel Foundation provides social entrepreneurs with a tool to measure the economic impact of their social innovation projects

The Rexel Foundation is renewing its support for social innovation leaders by providing them with a new resource: a self-learning guide to Cost-Benefit Analysis, a means of promoting the advantages of their social initiatives while demonstrating to stakeholders their economic impact for society.

Presented in 5 successive steps – from defining the scope of analysis to calculating the social initiative’s ROI – the CBA method makes it possible to provide a financial indicator that tangibly expresses a social project’s profitability. The CBA Guide is intended to be as simple as it is pragmatic and facilitates a rapid adoption of the analysis method by any project initiator willing to engage in such an approach.

The Rexel Foundation is aware of the need for social innovators to demonstrate the profitability of their social initiatives, which is why the Foundation created this guide in partnership with (IM)PROVE, experts in social impact assessment. This helpful document completes the Social Impact Assessment Guide published in partnership with (IM)PROVE in 2015 to help entrepreneurs to determine their key assessment indicators according to their social mission.

Through its Foundation, Rexel assumes its social responsibility with determination and commits itself with social innovation leaders in driving energy progress and supporting socially innovative community projects.

Download the CBA Guide here
Access the Social Impact Assessment Guide here

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