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International services

For International Key Accounts and Large Capital Projects, Rexel is committed to meet your business needs – from procurement and storage to project logistics and consolidation. Present in 32 countries, with a network of 2,000 branches, dedicated teams optimize cost, quality and time.

International Key Accounts (IKA)

Our global resources at your service

As a major international industrial, commercial or construction company, you can rely on Rexel’s electrical products, related services and innovative solutions to help you manage operational performance and cost reduction.

Our value added services:

  • 120 key account managers skilled in their local Electrical Distribution markets and coordinated via a central team of international key account managers
  • A global supply chain
  • Key manufacturers referenced globally
  • Support to implement your E-Procurement and EDI solutions
  • TCO Tracking Tool (T3) to maintain your savings


International Key Accounts (IKA)


countries on average for each IKA


The IKA promise

Provide a consistent global experience that allows you to benefit from Rexel’s global expertise, local presence and best in class international procurement strategy.

To fulfill this promise Rexel provides international coordination across borders, languages and time zones to save you money and time.

The Rexel offer:

  • Centralized response for International Tenders
  • Single point of contact
  • Dedicated resources mirroring your organization
  • Fewer suppliers and orders
  • Digital transactions
  • Progress plans and customized reporting
  • Consolidation and convergence of global volumes
  • Global inventory optimization
  • Consistent quality, cost and delivery

Together these services foster an enhanced and tailored value proposition across countries.

Discover our International Key Accounts organization

T3 or TCO Tracking Tool

This solution has been designed by Rexel to identify expenditure directly related to Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and the savings to be made by optimizing procurement (ordering and billing) and inventorying management (handling and capitalization).


Rexel's International Key Accounts using T3


countries where Rexel's T3 is now available


total savings every year by Rexel’s customers through T3


International Projects Group (Rexel IPG)

Electrical Material Management for Large Capital Projects

From engineering to procurement and construction, large capital projects (up to several billions total investment value) are challenging to execute. That’s why having reliable vendors able to support you is critical.

Rexel IPG supplies electrical products and specialized supply chain services to Large Capital Projects around the world. We are specialized in oil, gas, chemical, power, mining and energy for Large International EPC contractors all over the world.

Combining product and technical knowledge as well as specialized sourcing and project management expertise with the supply chain capability of a leading global electrical distributor, Rexel focuses on deploying the right solutions to deliver performance and reduce cost of ownership.

In today’s competitive world, this means we focus on reducing your costs and optimizing your schedule… All that without compromising on quality, performance, safety and full compliance with recognized industry standards.

Because you need to count on reliable partners, we put our expertise at your service to help you best manage complexity and focus on total cost of ownership.

Visit Rexel IPG website


Rexel IPG solutions

We analyze your needs and tailor customized solutions that include:

  • Technical application assistance: our expertise is at your service, helping you design the most adapted electrical solutions, select the right products and perform material take-off
  • Sourcing consolidation: a global and competitive sourcing strategy with a complete range of electrical material that meets applicable industry standards
  • Project management solutions: experienced staff on hand, helping you define and monitor your project-specific execution plan and optimize your schedule
  • Project logistics services: tailored on- or off-site material management ensuring inventory and delivery are adapted to your needs and surpluses are reduced


projects over the last 5 years in 20+ countries


vendors covering all major electrical standards

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