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Point of view of Rania Saidani, Group Compensation Officer

After joining the Group at the end of 2019 as a Compensation & Benefits Assistant on a one-year work-study contract, I had the pleasure of having my contract renewed and to be recruited on a permanent basis as Group Compensation Officer.

My experience as a work-study student has been very enriching, both personally and professionally. My team gave me a lot of leeway in carrying out my daily tasks, allowing me to gain confidence and strengthen my ability to take initiative. It really helped me feel like I belonged to the team, which in turn supported me in my academic career, and helped me to receive an academic research award*.

As a Rexel employee, I feel like an active participant in my career. I am constantly learning from experts in a wide variety of fields as part of the cross-functional projects to which I contribute, in close collaboration with various people who do not hesitate to share their knowledge. I also had the opportunity to benefit from regular training programs (internal and external) and to participate in a mentoring program. These are all valuable components in my career path that made me choose Rexel!

*An award attributed by the Scientific Council of the French Federation of Employee Shareholders (FAS – Fédération Française d’Actionnaires salariés) recognizing academic research on employee share ownership topics: (in French)