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Rexel group strengthens its ethical approach at country level

In 2010, Rexel strengthened its ethical approach with an “ethics initiative” in all countries. This process aims to focus on ethical issues and priorities raised by employees during consultation workshops. These proposals have been forwarded for information to the national management committees where they have been addressed with concrete plans of action. This collaborative work will be shared in next September with the issue of a brochure given to every employee.

Other recent initiatives
Launching a shared Intranet Ethics Community (pooling best practices, etc.) involving the whole network of Ethics Correspondents.

Posting a special form on the Internet to allow all employees, customers and suppliers to contact anonymously their local Ethics Correspondent.

> To know more about Ethics
> Download the Rexel Ethics Guide

Since 2007, Rexel has followed an ethical approach which invites all employees to act in a responsible manner, espousing the values of respect, loyalty, integrity, transparency, etc. This initiative has taken shape with the Ethics Guide that sets out 8 concrete principles and 20 practices to help everyone ask themselves the right questions and adopt best practices in everyday workplace situations.

To ensure the effective deployment of the Group’s ethical approach, a network of local Ethics Correspondents has been set up. In 2009, all notifications led to the local correspondents were followed up, either with preventive or corrective measures.

Ethics represent a major commitment for the Group. They underpin growth and guide the daily actions of all employees. Rexel is committed to implementing its core values through an ethical approach combined with carefully assessed actions that form part of its dynamic for progress.


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