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Rexel Expo – Day 5: differentiating through a unique customer experience

At the heart of the relationship that the Group nurtures with its customers, the branch remains a key touchpoint for many of them. Rexel’s teams provide them with technical and professional assistance tailored to their needs, as well as more than 4,000 immediately available SKUs.

In order to further improve the in-branch experience, Rexel France uses an on-site application that gives its customers access to a product selection and comparison guide, provides them with personalized prices directly in the branch, and enables them to place and immediately pick up an order with just a few clicks. Rexel therefore uses the best of what digital can offer to reduce wait time (information counter inquiries, payment at checkout, parcel pick-up, etc.) to a minimum and make the entire purchasing process (order, payment, delivery signature via app) paper-free in order to provide a fully “phygital” customer journey that Rexel Expo visitors are invited to discover at the dedicated stand.

But improving customer experience also involves the web. Digital sales (e-commerce and EDI) have grown considerably over the past two years and Rexel continues to adapt its interfaces to serve its customers effectively. This year, the focus has been on creating personalized home pages, with products, services, and solutions responding to their needs and projects. The e-commerce site is thus transforming into a true digital partner.

Finally, the Volta configurator, the latest digital tool for cable selection and sizing, enables users to determine which type of cable meets their needs and desired uses while complying with all associated regulatory obligations. This configurator, available online, enables users to search according to multiple criteria: technical properties of the cable, type of building in which it can be used, and its intended use.

Rexel Expo’s presenters let visitors try out the Volta configurator and familiarize themselves with its features: an undeniable day-to-day time saver for the Group’s customers.

The Group’s latest digital advances have been illustrated throughout the week at Rexel Expo. Find out about the innovations that Rexel is implementing as part of its digital transformation to become a data-driven company, in the presentation available online here.



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