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Innovation Day: the Rexel Foundation’s annual event to fight fuel poverty

On November 28, the Rexel Foundation hold its annual Innovation Day. Dedicated to fighting fuel poverty, this event provides an opportunity to gather all of the Foundation’s partners – associations, experts, institutions, and social entrepreneurs – to collaboratively develop innovative solutions that can improve living conditions for households in difficulty.

Find out more about the 2019 Innovation Day on the Rexel Blog: A world of energy

In June 2018, Innovation Day marked a turning point for the Foundation in its approach to fulfilling its purpose: by positioning itself as a solutions operator, it initiated a new approach that went beyond its traditional stakeholders and invited households suffering from fuel poverty to be part of collective reflection sessions.

At the heart of this new approach lies one realization: to effectively battle fuel poverty, we must first grasp its reality and its causes in order to understand that fuel poverty is more than households struggling to pay their energy bills, and is often a component of complex living situations and life journeys.

Initiated in Roubaix, this experiment aims to develop replicable operating procedures that are also adaptable to other local communities. Innovation Day on November 28 offered the opportunity to take stock of the collective’s progress in this direction.