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Esther, HR Manager, Rexel Canada

‘A balancing act between meeting employees’ expectations and achieving business objectives’

Promoting her employees’ career development, solving conflicts or satisfying both employees concerns and management objectives, is what Esther, HR Manager for the Ontario Region in Canada, enjoys the most …

What has been your career path?

After attending High school in Guyana (South America), I completed my Human Resources studies at Sheridan College in Canada. I then joined the Payroll and Human Resources Department of a publishing company and in 1999 began my career as a Human Resources Specialist with Rexel Canada., I was later promoted to Human Resources Manager for Ontario.

What is your current position?

I implement the HR policies for Rexel’s Mississauga Office and its two subsidiaries of electrical supplies distribution, Westburne and Nedco in Ontario, which represents 900 employees. As a result, I am involved in the recruitment, training, employee and management relations, deployment, negotiations and contracts management, administration of company policies and compliance with work legislation.

What have you learned from your experience at Rexel?

My experience at Rexel has taught me the multiple aspects of my job: managing changes in the company, solving conflicts, promoting ethical and diversity values in the workplace. Organizational awareness, flexibility, teamwork, approachability and creative thinking are essential skills, not to forget a good sense of humour! Young people considering careers as HR professionals should keep in mind that Human Resources is a balancing act between meeting employees’ expectations and achieving business objectives.