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Laurent, Global Data Center Services Manager, Rexel

‘ If you are looking for a challenging job, open to different cultures and in constant movement: join us, you’ll love it!’

Beyond the attractiveness of the electrical supplies distribution sector, what Laurent appreciates at Rexel, is its societal commitment and willingness to promote sustainable solutions for the environment.


What has been your career path?

After an initial training in IT followed by a more general training, I started my career as a system & network administrator. I then became technical project manager and IT production manager. I worked for ten years in an operational and technical environment, then three years as a senior consultant in IT. In January 2011, I joined Rexel as Global Data Center Services Manager within the DSI Group, a division with a dozen employees, under the responsibility of the Global Infrastructure Director

What are your current missions?

My main mission is to ensure, at the Group level, the coherence of the computer hosting tools, in terms of technology, quality of service and cost. On a more local basis, I ensure the safe delivery of resources and services provided by our strategic partner AtoS.
What do you like in your job?

My first years of professional experience were particularly rewarding: my professional grounding was with the pharmaceutical industry, a highly standardized sector focused on innovation and human values; in the editing software sector, I acquired a sense of initiative, while the retail world taught me to understand the issues of reactivity and cost control. My mission as an IT consultant allowed me to use these various perspectives gained in the first 10 years.

These experiences gave me a better reading of how to manage information systems, such as business alignment, governance, organization, service models and business models.

What I like about Rexel is to be able to provide, on a daily basis, a little bit of my experience to a group in development, as well as a lot of innovation, energy and team spirit. The distribution sector is exciting and of great importance internationally; the focus on added value services that Rexel wants to develop is even more so in my opinion. In addition, it is important for me to be able to work in a socially committed company that also promotes sustainable solutions for the environment.