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2018 Activity and Sustainable Development Report – Chapter 5

The fifth topic of the #2018Rexel Activity Report focusing on the evolution of the customer relationship is now online! It outlines the Group’s definitely omnichannel approach to meet its customers’ needs at all times and in all places.

If branches remain a key touchpoint for many customers and continue to play a pivotal role in providing proximity services, Rexel drives their transformation to offer a wide range of complementary services; webshops gain new features; transactional solutions allow customers to optimize purchase management and automate part or all of the process. Discover how Rexel builds on digital assets to offer a unique customer experience, responding to their preferences and expectations, through flexible customer journeys enabling them to rely on a multiplicity of physical and remote contact points.


« Rexel offers you a new narrative and visual experience with a mobile-first site that will grow rich of seven topics gradually released from September through to December and publicized on the Group’s social media. We wish you a pleasant discovery ! »


Discover the 2018 Activity and Sustainable Development Report :


And stay tuned !