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Bizline accelerates its footprint within the Rexel Group’s banners

BizLine, one of the Group’s private brands, continues to develop and expand its presence throughout Europe during 2009.

Created in 2002, Bizline provides its small and medium contractors with a range of consumable products such as tools, fixings, cabling accessories and industrial consumables, all to be found in one single catalog.

Since September, Sweden (through its Selga and Storel banners) and Spain (ABM-Rexel), have been offering Bizline products to their customers. In October, Bizline launched its new 2010 product catalogue and is planning to have it translated into 10 languages by early next year.

The brand is now present in eight countries* in Europe as well as in New Zealand, representing a network of 640 branches to date.

Other projects for Finland, Norway, the Netherlands and Germany should start in early 2010. Bizline is also expanding in the USA with the Rexel and Gexpro banners through licensing agreements.

Quality has always been one of the key elements of its success so in early 2009 BizLine set up a private test laboratory that will soon be certified by the European accreditation body, which will place it at the same level as the national testing laboratories.

With sales rising by 15% in the first semester of 2009 and new countries wishing to include Bizline in their catalogs in 2009 and 2010, the private brand is well endowed with assets to continue on its path of growth.

> Visit the Bizline website

The Rexel Group has almost 20 private brands worldwide, offering a full range of electrical and tooling equipment choices. These brands include Bizline, Newlec, Gigamedia and Eski.

For customers, the Group’s private brands are synonymous with quality, availability and good value. With its reputation for proximity to the customer and adaptation to professional needs, over the next few years Rexel will continue to improve and structure its additional, high value added offering.

* Belgium, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland.