Supervisory Board

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board appoints the members of the Management Board, its Chairman and the members of the Executive Committee, and exercises the permanent control of the management of the company by the Management Board.

It comprises eleven members, including seven independents and eight who are non-French nationals.

- Roberto Quarta : Chairman
- Patrick Sayer : Vice-President

- Vivianne Akriche 
- François David*
- Thomas Farrell*
- Fritz Fröhlich*
- François Henrot*
- David Novak
- Monika Ribar*
- Herna Verhagen *
Pier Luigi Sigismondi *

* independent members

The Supervisory Board authorizes the annual budget, the strategic plan, any operations on the share capital, any bond issuances, as well as any important operations of a nature that may significantly impact the perimeter of the fields of activities of the company or the financial structure of the company or the Group it controls. Finally, the Supervisory Board ensures that the strategy implemented by the Management Board conforms with the long-term orientations as they have been defined.

Download the internal regulation of the Supervisory Board