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Our Sustainable Development organization

To facilitate decision-making and deployment, the Rexel Sustainable Development strategy is managed by the General Secretary and the Group Human Resources Group Department.

The governance structure

The Rexel Board of Directors and Executive Committee work together closely to simplify decision-making processes and accelerate strategy deployment. With leadership from the Executive Committee, the management of the Sustainable Development policy is based on operational governance involving the functional departments, country management committees and the community of environment and human resources representatives in all Group entities.

Within the Executive Committee, issues related to Sustainable Development are handled by the General Secretary, and by the Group Human Resources Department.

Corporate governance

Rexel corporate governance is based on the corporate governance code for listed companies established by the Association Française des Entreprises Privées (French Association of Private Companies, AFEP) and the Mouvement des Entreprises de France (French Business Confederation, MEDEF.

The Board of Directors

To help it fulfill its duties and facilitate its decisions, the Board of Directors relies on the opinions, proposals and recommendations of two specialized committees whose members and attributions are set by the Board.

Sustainable development Governance – Rexel

Corporate governance

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