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Promoting responsible practices in the value chain

Its central role in the value chain requires the Rexel Group to collaborate closely with many partners. Together, they share environmental, social and societal responsibilities, which are assessed by the Group and its entities.

1. A responsibility shared with the entire value chain
2. Supplier assessment


Compliance with ethical standards

As the distributor of more than one million different products worldwide, Rexel is firmly committed to applying its Group ethical, environmental and quality standards to all its suppliers and subcontractors.

Over and above the principles set out in the Ethics Guide, the Rexel general purchasing conditions contain specific clauses requiring its suppliers to comply with the fundamental conventions of the International Labour Organization and local legislation. These contractual commitments include full compliance with national and international law, particularly in terms of working conditions and environmental standards, full compliance with the principles of free competition and rejection of corruption in all its forms.

Product compliance and end-user safety

The Rexel Group ensures that all the products it markets comply fully with all applicable regulation, and more specifically with the following European legislation: the REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals) regulation, and the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) Directive governing the substances contained in products.

The Group applies even higher quality control and safety standards to the products it designs in-house for its own brands.


Quality management and evaluation of supplier CSR performance

Rexel has implemented quality management systems in most of its subsidiaries. These systems are designed to ensure full control and ongoing improvement of quality management processes, to ensure their compliance with external requirements – whether regulatory or imposed by stakeholders – and, in particular, to bolster customer satisfaction with respect to products and services.

In addition to product-related quality requirements, Rexel is also committed to including social and environmental issues in its supplier evaluations. As a result, the Group has launched an evaluation plan designed to assess supplier CSR performance via EcoVadis by addressing four key issues: environment, social, ethics and supply chain. The project is being progressively rolled out to all Group operating countries since 2015, following a pilot campaign in 2014 involving around fifty suppliers.

On-site audits

A number of Rexel subsidiaries conduct audits at their supplier sites to assess the conditions under which they operate: product quality, compliance with labor standards and compliance with environmental regulations are just three of the criteria measured.