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Developing innovative energy management solutions

Rexel innovative sustainable energy management solutions enable customers to consume less energy in a better way. The Group develops energy-efficient products and services, promotes renewable energy, and raises customer and stakeholder awareness of the challenges posed by energy efficiency.

1. Developing energy-efficient product and services categories
2. Promoting the development of renewable energies
3. Energy efficiency: raise awareness and contribute to the debate


Energy efficiency is a source of sustainable growth


of the GHG (greenhouse gas) emission reductions between now and 2020 will be achieved through energy efficiency. Source : 2014 report from the International Energy Agency

Energy efficiency provides a smart, economical and sustainable route to reducing energy consumption, while improving performance and user comfort. One of the Group’s growth drivers is the development of high potential products and services in many sectors, from energy-saving solutions to automation, smart control and technical management for buildings, home automation, climate control and renewable energies.

Developing expertise in energy efficiency

To develop its expertise in energy efficiency, Rexel relies on an ambitious internal program of improving its internal skill set and a dynamic policy of external acquisitions.

A community of 240 Rexel experts dedicated to energy efficiency was established in 2013. Located in 23 different countries, their mission is to raise awareness of energy efficiency among employees, to provide dedicated training, and to contribute to the development of relevant commercial solutions. This is completed with a number of Group employee training programs in new eco-efficient technologies (particularly LED lighting), energy efficiency solutions and renewable energy (solar photovoltaic, heat pumps, etc.) to name a few.


employees trained in energy efficiency since 2013

To strengthen its energy efficiency expertise, Rexel is pursuing a dynamic acquisitions policy. Companies recently acquired as a result of this policy include:

  • inoveha-produit-rexel-icon-66x66


    Acquired in 2013, a company specialized in energy audits

  • esabora-produit-rexel-icon-66x66


    A company that develops digital applications for contractors, acquired in 2014

  • munro-produit-rexel-icon-66x66


    An American distribution company focused on the sales of innovative energy efficiency solutions, acquired in late 2012

  • Sofinther

    Acquired in 2015, a distribution company specializing in thermal, heating and control solutions.

Designing eco-efficient solutions

Regardless of the markets or the size of its customers, Rexel no longer settles for selling products or services. Its goal is to provide eco-efficient solutions to lower energy costs and electrical bills. In pursuing this ambition, the Group has adopted a global strategy based on:

  • Placing understanding and listening attentively to its customers at the heart of Rexel’s commercial organization;
  • Integrating multiple technologies, with special emphasis on the automation of equipment to optimize energy consumption;
  • Combining complementary skill sets in construction, renovation and maintenance of residential, commercial and industrial buildings;
  • Providing a diverse range of services to facilitate the adoption of these solutions, including energy audits, profitability and environmental benefit calculations, and training programs, etc.


Essential components of the energy transition, renewable energies help to preserve existing energy resources and reduce CO2 emissions. Rexel encourages the development of a range of related solutions, especially solar photovoltaic and wind power.

Rexel markets a complete range of equipment for residential use, including photovoltaic panels and the accessories needed for their installation and connection, sometimes sold in kits to help contractors choose the best solution.

The Rexel custom offer for the wind power market ranges from the sale of cables and components to integrated service packages for supply, assembly, commissioning and stock management. A pre-assembly service of wind turbine components is offered by the Group’s US subsidiary Gexpro Services.


At the heart of the energy sector, Rexel plays a pivotal role for energy industry suppliers, installers and users: raising stakeholder awareness of the energy challenges is a Group responsibility. This policy of raising awareness, targeted to industry professionals and the general public, is based on two axes: engagement in the public debate on energy issues and providing support for the adoption of energy efficiency solutions.

As a source of information on the challenges posed by energy efficiency, Rexel has established many partnerships to raise the public profile and contribute to the energy debate.

  • Founding member of Solutions COP21

    Promoting proposed solutions for implementing the reduction of greenhouse gases, ahead of COP21

  • Member of “Entreprises pour l’Environnement”

    French network of companies willing to better integrate the environment in their strategy and operations

  • Participated in the World Summit of Regions for Climate

    Mobilization of the regions ahead of the COP21

  • Partner to the Convergences World Forum

    European platform for thought and co-creation of new economic development and value creation models

Knowledge sharing

At Rexel, promoting the energy challenges involves making knowledge more widely available. Trade shows, contractor training, customer surveys and market research and an online energy efficiency magazine are just some of the information channels designed by Rexel to provide information to industry professionals and the general public.

The Rexel Foundation for a better energy future was founded in 2013 to contribute to the same objective by compiling and disseminating an energy knowledge base and encourage social innovation via its social entrepreneurship support website.

Year Actions
  • Rexel – Harris Interactive Barometer
  • Launch of the web magazine on energy efficiency
  • Launch of the Energy in Motion company plan
  • Publication of the book and the web magazine “Energy 3.0”
  • Creation of the Rexel Foundation for a better energy future
  • Rexel OpinionWay Study on energy effficiency
  • Founding partner of “Solutions COP21”, a collective initiative organized in preparation for the 21st UN Climate Change Conference – Paris 2015
  • Partner of the Global Convergences Forum
  • Participation in the World Summit of Regions for Climate
  • Participant in the Yale Climate Change Dialogue organized by Yale University
  • Participant in the Business and Climate Summit in Paris
  • Partner of the “Paris Climate 2015: Make It Work” initiative organized by Sciences Po Paris

Find out more information about Rexel’s commitment to meet the climate change challenge

Supporting skill development

The energy efficiency expertise of Rexel employees is a structural element of the Group strategy: since 2013, 5,500 employees received energy efficiency training, with particular emphasis on lighting.

Rexel also offers its customers training programs designed for independent contractors keen to develop their energy management skills. The Group also provides demonstration areas in its showrooms, which act as showcases for the latest advances in technology.