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Compensation at Rexel: rewarding performance

Variable compensation is a significant element of Group compensation policy, and rewards personal and collective performance.

  • Fixed compensation levels are set on the basis of competitiveness criteria specific to each country and region to reflect personal skills, job-specific expertise and individual level of responsibility
  •  The personal variable compensation element is based on goal achievement and is received by more than 55% of permanent employees, primarily in sales functions
  • The group variable compensation element reflects company performance and results. Half of employees receive this type of variable compensation in the form of an employee profit-sharing plan

The employee shareholding policy: Opportunity

Since Rexel’s IPO in 2007, four shareholding plans in have been offered to employees under preferential terms (at a discount on the current share price and with a contribution from the employer).

The most recent plan – Opportunity 13 – was offered to more than 80% of Group employees in 15 countries, and attracted a global participation of 14.5%.